Admission – General Instructions


Admission to Std. I is only for those students who have successfully completed UKG. Application form and prospectus are available from the school website or it can be directly collected from the school office.
Admission to the school is open to both boys and girls of all castes and creeds. Application for admission in the prescribed form  is to be filled up and signed by the parent or guardian.
Children who are 4 years old by June will be admitted to the L.K.G class. Those who have completed successfully the L.K.G. course will only be admitted to U.K.G. Children who have completed 3 years old will be admitted to Play Class.
Promotion to higher classes is based on the student’s overall performances in all the examinations conducted during the year.
School Leaving Certificate (Transfer Certificate) will be issued only on the application of the concerned parent/guardian on reasonable grounds and after clearing all dues to school, if any.

The parent should produce the following documents in original and a copy of each at the time of admission.
(i) Birth Certificate
(ii) Aadhaar

(iii) T.C from the last attended school for new admission to Class II onwards.
(iv) Two passport size photographs of the child

Those who are admitted should pay the 1st installment fees at the time of admission.