About Us

Mar Theophilos Bethany Convent Public School is an educational institution owned and managed by Bethany Sisters of Thiruvalla Province. The management is effectively carried on by Mar Theophilos Bethany Convent Public School Trust (Reg No: 1240/1/2005/SRO). The school is open to all irrespective of caste, creed, sex or religion.

Vision & Mission

This institution is meant for a child’s first step towards organized learning, participation, sharing and socializing. The over-riding objective of our school is the realization of full potential, i.e. physical, mental, moral, social, spiritual, and intellectual, in each child and to instill the qualities, values and attitudes for success in his/her life and to become a good human being.

  • To encourage student to strive after excellence in every field
  • To value and use judiciously their freedom
  • To understand and put into practice the ideas of Fatherhood of god and Brotherhood of Humanity.
  • To be trained at the service of their fellowmen.
  • To blossom as dutiful nature citizens.
  • To develop their talents using the opportunities in the school and society.

The school imparts modern methodology of teaching and learning and aims at high standard in academics. The teaching is based on individual attention and group learning which enables the children to motivate their different skills. Emphasis is also given in developing leadership, good character, social responsible, emotional stability and thus to become strong personalities. Facilities are provided for Music, Organ, Guitar, Dance, Crafts, Yoga, Karate and Computer Training. Education through the audiovisual aids is a part of the syllabus. We have also the facilities of Edurite Smart Classes.